GogglePal Augmented Reality Heads Up Display


Augmented reality (AR) appears to be the next big thing in snow goggles. Back in March, RideOn announced the release of their AR goggles and now new entrant GogglePal launches their version via a Kickstarter campaign. GogglePal connects to any pair of goggles and works with your phone to store data and connect with your friends.

Similar to other snow goggle HUDs, GogglePal’s built-in GPS and 6-axis sensors track your real time speed, vertical drop, and how you move and spin. The device also tracks the amount of time you spend on the mountain, estimated calories burned that day, and how many miles of trail you climbed and skied.

Paired with the GogglePal App, the GogglePal AR-HUD allows you to keep in touch and even play games with friends–no matter where they are on mountain. You can find your friends located on a digital trail map, send them messages, or even send them on a treasure hunt for virtual prizes, competing against each other for points.

Compatible with any pair of goggles, you simply attach the small GogglePal AR-HUD device to your lens. The projection device sits inside your goggle without obstructing your vision, held in place by a subtle, super-strong magnet. The lightweight controller pack secures to your goggle strap with a simple clip. The 1000 mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours.

GogglePal will come in four different models: Sport ($99), Connect ($159), Play ($198), and Gold ($359). The Sport model offers tracking of your speed, vertical drop, acceleration, air time, rotation, calories, and the ability to receive messages. Connect adds navigation, while Play adds the treasure hunt feature. And Gold, well, it’s just a gold color. Estimated delivery is January 2016.

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