RideOn Augmented Reality Snow Goggles

RideOn Augmented REality Snow Goggles

RideOn goggles, the self-proclaimed only true augmented reality (AR) snow goggles, use a see-­through display to project graphics and features on the snow as if they’re floating in front of you. The goggles allow you to interact with friends (both on the mountain and at home), navigate trail maps, and even play virtual race games as you bomb down the hill.

RideOn’s display, although positioned right in front of your eye, projects virtual layers and data focused to a distance of more than 15 feet in front of you, thus creating the augmented reality experience. The snow goggles use a combination of orientation sensors, a camera, and network connectivity to bring smart, real-time data to your eye.

RideOn snow goggles allow you to interact with the floating UI using only your sight. No external devices, phone apps, or voice activation required. To use, simply look at icons fixed to the sky, your friends, or points of interest. This way, gloves remain on your hands and your phone remains secure in your pocket.

Skiing with friends? RideOn lets you see their locations, call or message them, and even throw a virtual snowball to piss them off. And when you want to meet up at a bar or lodge, the snow goggles you share your intended destination. You can also take videos using RideOn’s high-def cam and post your creation to social media.

Instead of bringing a resort map with you, see your location in real-time and find lodges and ski lifts highlighted in the distance. Even scope out the estimated wait time for the lift by simply looking at it from a distance.

In game mode, you can ride through a virtual slalom track that only you can see, or chase a shadow of your favorite ski athlete down the mountain. Compete against yourself and friends for time and skill.

As safety with an augmented reality device is always an issue, RideOn automatically detects motion and switches to an extremely minimal riding mode when skiing or riding, where nothing competes for your attention. Things such as virtual snowballs, text messages, and calls are cached and delivered only when you are fully stopped and safe.

For $519, you can be one of the first to own the RideOn augmented reality snow goggles. Expected delivery is September 2015, just in time for next winter season.

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