Everysight Cycling Smart Glasses

Everysight Raptor

Israel-based defense technology firm Elbit System has over 30 years experience in vision systems, augmented reality, and integrating real-time data into pilots’ helmets. With their recent spin-off of new company Everysight, the firm now plans to bring their heads-up display technology to the consumer market with a pair of cycling smart glasses to be launched next year.

Instead of using a tiny display that sits at the edge of your vision, the Raptor sunglasses use low-profile mirroring technology to make cycling data visible directly on the lens, similar to technology that pilots have used for decades. The Everysight Beam technology is hidden in the top bar of the sunglasses and projects a transparent display right in your line of sight–meaning no peripheral distractions so you can keep your eyes on the road.

In the video below, you will see that the Raptor sunglasses displays typical cycling data such as speed, power, cadence, distance, and even route directions. Everysight says they’ll host a program for developers to increase the glasses’ capabilities.

No word yet on how the sunglasses will link to external sensors and phones, what it will cost, or when exactly it will be available.

In similar news, Recon announced that the Jet are now prescription lens compatible. The company teamed up with Rochester Optical to create prescription lens inserts that are extremely easy to mount in your smart glasses.

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