Airnum Urban Breathing Mask


I admit, there are days in San Francisco where I seriously consider wearing a face mask when heading out for a ride. With a majority of the days falling in the moderate to unhealthy Air Quality Index category, it can feel like you are doing more harm than good by grabbing your bike. To help us all breathe better in urban environments, Swedish company Airnum created a reliable and most importantly, a fashionable way to breathe clean air everyday.

Airnum’s filter technology uses three different layers to filter out 99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and smog. An active carbon layer filters out gases and odors, an electrostatic layer filters out ultra fine particles, and a micro fiber layer filters out the harmful P2.5-P10 particulate matter and protects you from viruses and bacteria.

The Airnum Urban Breathing Mask is lightweight, breathable, and adapts to fit your face with a flexible stretch binding, adjustable ear loops, and an attachable head strap. The filter itself lasts up to a month (depending on air quality) and can easily be replaced. The rest of the mask can be washed and used for years.

Filters become clogged with particles when you use them longer than their recommended lifetime. The filters will be harder to breathe through, but their protection will not decrease. If you feel too much resistance while breathing, it’s probably time to change the filter–you will be able to order them online from Airnum.

Airnum Urban Breathing Masks retail for around $37–choose from 12 different styles or designs in a range of sizes from extra small to large. Sure, there are other urban breathing masks on the market that might be a bit cheaper but they look like something out of Star Trek. Your average urban commuter is not going to wear that to walk or ride to work.

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