Trail Heads Hats For Winter

Trail Heads Hats for Winter

Connecticut start-up outdoor apparel and accessory company Trail Heads, was started in 2002 by Stephanie and Ed Raferty. In addition to developing high-quality, innovative products such as hats for winter, Trail Heads is striving to make a difference for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Trail Heads collection of hats for winter include everything from headbands to full balaclavas for men, women and kids. Many of the fleece winter hats feature Outlast liners. Outlast technology provides a buffer against overheating and sweating by absorbing and storing excess heat. As your body cools down, the outlast liner releases the heat back into your head to help mitigate the chill.  

The Twilight Performance series of hats for winter is designed with a 3M Scotchlite band to ensure you are visible on your early morning or late afternoon winter activities. The women's version of hats are awesomely ponytail compatible-something you don't see often in hats for winter. 

Trail Heads goal is to increase awareness, interest and support of organizations that help people overcome physical or mental challenges and disabilities. The Company promotes access for people with disabilities to outdoor recreational opportunities and builds partnerships with select organizations, including the National Sports Center for the Disabled. A minimum of 10% of Trail Heads profits are donated yearly to these organizations. 

Trail Heads co-founder Ed Raferty is legally blind due to a degenerative retinal disease. He has recruited several highly accomplished disabled individuals to serve on Trail Heads Advisory Panel such as Tom Whittaker, first amputee to climb Mt Everest and Candace Cable, 9-time Paralympic Gold Medalist. 

You can buy Trail Heads hats for winter online at Snow Shack

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