POGO Longboards Skateboard Brake

POGO Longboards Skateboard Brake 

German company POGO Snowboards + Longboards has developed a skateboard brake that they hope will revolutionize the sport. For those of you tired of wrecking your shoes in order to stop, the POGO skateboard brake is easy to use, even for beginners. Simply step on the pedal with the heel of your rear foot. 

The POGO skateboard brake is a completely independent system so does not put any friction on the wheels. This means you won't wear down your wheels or burn your bearings like some other skateboard braking systems might do. With the POGO skateboard brake, stopping is very easy. You stand stable with two feet always on the board, simply lifting the rear heel to activate the pedal. If you accidentally brake too hard, the skateboard brake will not seize and throw you off with a highsider. Instead, your weight shifts to the front of the board and off the pedal, slightly releasing the brake. 

Compared to foot braking, there is no torsion momentum as the skateboard brake is centered at the rear end of the deck. You no longer need space around you for braking and will never again get your foot caught in the back wheel while trying to stop. The skateboard brake also helps kill the speed wobbles. A slight touch on the brake stabilizes the board, allowing you to go faster with more security.  

The POGO skateboard brake can be mounted on any longboard and the process is very straight forward. You only have to mount two pieces on your board- the pad holder and the pedal. An adhesive drilling template is included in the kit. The friction pad itself can easily be replaced when it has worn down. 


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