Bult Helmet With Integrated Action Camera

Bult Helmet

Not everyone has the cash for a $200-$400 action camera let alone the $100 required for a new action sports helmet. So what are you to do if you really want to show your friends how you have mastered the art of the longboard glove slide? Dilemma: you need a new helmet, you want an action camera – now Bult Helmets let you have both for basically the same price. 

Timbuk2 Woolrich Made In America Collection

Timbuk2 Woolrich Messenger Bag

What happens when two American originals get together? Something magical happens. San Francisco based Timbuk2 unveiled a partnership with Pennsylvania based Woolrich, bringing together the best of urban and rural design to create a unique bag collection. Trolling through over 180 years of fabric swatches, Timbuk2 hand picked some classic plaids and patterns, together with some funky new-school Woolrich fabrics for the limited edition Timbuk2 Woolrich Made in America collection, sure to give you some certified outdoorsman cred on the streets this fall. 

Dead Simple Helmet Camera

Contour Roam helmet camera

The latest helmet camera release from Contour is dead simple to use. With a single sliding record switch, the Contour Roam lets you instantly film HD video in one step. Rugged, compact, and waterproof up to one meter, the Roam is the perfect entry level helmet camera to take on any adventure.

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Dog

RuffWear Omnijoring System

The product Lola was probably most excited about from the outdoor shows this summer was the new Joring System from Ruff Wear. Meant to take advantage of your dog's natural desire to pull, the Joring System will facilitate some fun bonding time in the outdoors, while giving your dog a great workout.

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