Looxcie Wearable Camcorder In A Bluetooth Headset

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

Think normal helmet cameras are too bulky and hard to attach? Want to upload your videos instantly to share with all your friends? Well meet the Looxcie wearable camcorder which doubles as a bluetooth headset for hands-free talking on your cell phone. 

Helmet Releases Awful Stink When Damaged

Stinky helmet

You know the feeling-you have taken the occasional rock or ice chunk to the head or had a couple of nasty falls on your mountain bike but don't want to get a new helmet without knowing for sure the old one is toast. Well now you will be able to know for certain if it is necessary to replace your helmet with a new process that causes stinky oils to seep out of plastic materials when they are damaged.

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