Combat Stinky Shoes With The UV Sports Pack

UV Sports Pack

The SteriPEN utilizes Ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria and fungi in your drinking water so why can't UV light work to kill bacteria elsewhere? Inventor Rahim Bhimani has taken UV light technology and applied it to work on your stinky shoes in his UV Sports Pack innovation.

The UV Sports Pack is designed to eliminate odor, fungi and bacteria that is readily found in your shoes. Exposing your shoes after a workout to UV light will not only eliminate odor but will also help prevent the possibility of getting athlete's foot or other foot health problems.

The UV Sports Pack includes two hubs, with 10 UV LED lights each, that are housed in a nylon thinsulate sports bag. To operate, the UV hubs are pulled from the bag and placed into the opening of your shoes. The shoes are then placed back inside the bag.

In order to protect your eyes from UV light exposure, the system can not be activated until the zipper closure is completely shut and the zipper tag connected to the contact point. A small LED light indicates that your UV Sports Pack is powered on and ready to use. The rechargeable battery will power your pack for up to 48 hours. 

Think of being able to throw your climbing shoes in the UV Sports Pack after a session at the climbing gym or on the way home from the crag. No more stinky climbing shoes! 

(via Core77)

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