Terra Plana Vivobarefoot Evo Review

Terra Plana Vivobarefoot

During Outdoor Retailer, running coach Lee Saxby was giving barefoot running lessons at the Terra Plana booth. During my lesson, Lee taught me how to properly run in the Evo minimalist running shoes that I was given and showed me how my Asics running shoes contributed to my normally suboptimal running technique. 

Since my lesson with Lee, I have been wearing my Terra Plana Evos for running on the beach. The Evo is designed to be a minimalist running shoe that allows you to run as if you were running barefoot but with underfoot protection. 

The upper on the Evo is made from a combination of TPU, SK Mesh and Eco Nylon Mesh. The abrasion resistant sole is made from Latex rubber and TPU and is only 4mm thick, enough to keep your foot safe from sharp objects but thin enough that you can still feel the terrain beneath your feet. These minimalist running shoes are 100% Vegan and weigh only 8 oz with the recycled memory foam insoles.

I found that while a mesh upper will give you better breathability when running on the road or trail, it lets in more sand than say a neoprene upper when running on the beach. Since the Evo minimalist running shoes are meant to let your toes and feet move naturally, you can easily end up with some painful sand abrasion. One way around this would be to wear socks to keep your skin away from the sand. 

Bottom Line: The Evo minimalist running shoes from the Terra Plana Vivobarefoot collection are a great option for barefoot running if you don't like having the toe separators of the FiveFingers.  

Below you can watch the video of my barefoot running lesson. You will see my running posture while wearing my Asics running shoes versus my running posture while wearing my Terra Plana Evos and practicing my barefoot running technique. 

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