Knog Sausage Bike Locks

A prominent feature of the over the top Knog booth at Eurobike was the Australian bike accessory company's newest product, the Sausage Lock. The new bike locks, called Kransky, Kabana and Party Frank, come in three sizes and a whole range of colors to match your bike or mood. 

The Knog Sausage Lock is a flexible, cable based bike lock so you can wear it or stow it in your pocket as you ride. A UV stable silicone outer casing is seamlessly molded over the inner cable lock, making it noise free and ensuring no scratches on your bike.

The inner cable lock is made from braided loose bound steel with a fiber core. This fiber core makes the bike lock more secure in the event of a bolt cutter attack, taking an extra 40-50 seconds to cut through compared to other bike locks. The lack of leverage points also helps in making the Knog Sausage Lock more secure. 

The Kransky is 800mm long with a 12mm gauge inner cable and the Kabana is 740mm long with a 10mm gauge inner cable. Both are compatible with the bracket-free frame attachment accessory. The Party Frank is the smallest of the bike lock line with a 5mm gauge inner cable. All the Knog Sausage Locks feature a 8mm stainless steel locking shackle. 

The Knog Sausage Locks will be available online and at retailers in October. I want a pink one!  

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  1. The fine folks at KNOG recently released a whole new line of “sausage” locks with “loosely woven steel cable combined with fiber core to provided improved resistance to Bolt Cutter attack”. (Party Frank, Kabana, Kransky, Fisticuff, Whiplock, Ringmaster all use this technology) Sounds pretty logical and convincing, right??

    Bought a couple of KNOG’s new “Kabana” cable locks based upon KNOG’s claim, their mid-range lock. Once I got them, I decided to sacrifice one via the Bolt Cutter test to verify KNOG’s promise. Twas a big mistake, this thing cuts like Hot Butter in July!

    Sad to say that KNOG is just another greedy manufacturer, willing to put their customers in harms way via false claims and slick advertising, in pursuit of the almighty buck.

    KNOG rates the Kabana as “50 out of 100 Back Alley”. This thing is simply no better than any other cable lock, good for light-duty security service, but no more than that.

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