HighFly Skateboard Apparel Guaranteed Sexy

HIghfly Skate Clothing

HighFly Clothing is a new Minnesota company specializing in skateboard apparel, skateboard decks, and snowboard apparel. With a slogan of "Guaranteed Sexy", this young team wants to help you dress like a skateboarder and look cool while out riding. 

HighFly Clothing was started in 2008 by now 17 year old Dennis Nelson. Dennis was searching for a way to merge his passion for skateboarding with his natural artistic abilities and he was fed up with the current skateboard apparel selection out there.

Dennis wanted to create a skateboard apparel brand that was designed by real skateboarders and that other skateboarders and snowboarders would be proud to actually wear while out riding. The HighFly skateboard apparel line is a little out there, a little in your face, exactly the stuff Dennis and his teenage friends would wear.  

Over the next year, Dennis expects to spend more time creating new designs for HighFly Clothing's line of shirts, hoodies, hats, skatedecks and more. OK I may be a bit impartial here since I am from Minnesota and grew up going to North Stars' games, but I think these T-Shirts (pictured above) are pretty darn cool.  

You can purchase the HighFly skateboard apparel from the company website. 


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