You Will Wear Out Before Yurbuds Fall Out


One of my biggest pet peeves when running or working out with headphones is that they constantly fall out of my ears. Now you and I have to worry no longer as Yurbuds are ergonomically designed to fit your ear and guaranteed to never fall out. 

Yurbuds are add-on, custom fit earbuds that slip onto your existing headphones. Sized to perfectly fit your ear shape, the Yurbuds extend into your ear canal and lock into place. 

Ultra soft and comfortable, you will be able to wear the Yurbuds for hours. In addition to providing a more comfortable fit, the Yurbuds claim to enhance bass frequencies and allow you to turn down your volume by up to 60%. 

The Yurbuds are custom fit to your ear through the company's Advanced Fit Technology (AFT). AFT allows Yurbuds to size your ear simply from a digital photo that you supply. All you have to do is upload or email a photo of your ear with your order and the company will custom fit your earbuds to ensure they never fall out. 

The photo of your ear must be taken with some sort of size reference such as an standard Apple earphone in your ear or a quarter held up to your cheek. Yurbuds also released an iPhone App which lets you take a photo of your ear and upload it to the company to place an order. 

Yurbuds are designed to work best with standard 15mm flat face earbuds such as Apple, Nokia and Sony. Yurbuds also make adapter kits to modify your Bose In-Ear headphones for use with your custom fit earbuds.

The Yurbuds custom fit earbuds cost $20 and can be ordered from Yurbuds online, through the iPhone app or from select retailers across the country. 


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