Google Earth To Become Your Personal Training Software

Google Earth personal training software

Yesterday, Google announced release 5.2. of Google Earth. With this new release, it looks as though Google is vying to become your personal training software of choice. Google Earth has morphed into a tool for viewing and analyzing your outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, sailing, skiing or running. 

With the 5.0 Google Earth release, Google added the ability to connect your GPS device directly to Google Earth and import your track data. Now, with the 5.2 release, Google has added the ability to view elevation, speed and other data graphically, directly in Google Earth. 

If your GPS device records additional data such as heart rate or cadence, this information will also show up in the visual graphs. Similar to other personal training software, you will be able to view statistics such as total elevation, maximum slope and average speed for your entire ride/hike or just a section. 

Google also now gives you the option to view an animated playback of your trip to relive the journey or share with others. An embedded web browser lets you check out the local coffee shop or pub details on your planned route without having to leave Google Earth. 

So what do you think? Will you switch from your current personal training software or online training log to store everything in Google Earth? Should Nike+, Polar, Garmin and others be worried?

(via TechCrunch) 

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