Outdoor Industry-Next Music Distribution Channel?

Billabong Universal Music Group

Music is an integral part of the outdoor lifestyle and culture so it is no surprise that the two industries have finally decided to come together. The first step came with Patagonia Music and now Billabong has recently announced a new partnership with United Music Group.

With the release of Patagonia Music last month, Patagonia lead the way in creating a more formal relationship between the outdoor and music industries. Patagonia teamed up with a diverse group of artists to offer you exclusive songs and streaming music of up and coming artists. All the exclusive track download proceeds go to support various non-profit environment groups.

Billabong seems to have now taken it one step further. Together with UMG, Billabong will develop a broad range of unique products and services that unite some of the world’s most popular recording artists with action sports athletes.

The two companies will co-produce original music, videos, films, sports and music merchandise, digital downloads, preloaded music and video electronics, streaming radio and TV, and even a dedicated music service.

So what do you think about the outdoor brands becoming music distributors? Do you think they will follow Starbucks and eventually become their own music label?

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