Win A Darwin Award With The Banshee Bungee

Banshee Bungee

I ran across Salt Lake City company Banshee Bungee at ISPO last month. The Bungee gives you instant speed to access obstacles and tricks that were previously inaccessible or perhaps common sense told you not to try. 

The Banshee Bungee is a water/skate/snow bungee cord tool that eliminates the need for a drop in ramp. The bungee cord is made of vulcanized rubber that can stretch up to 7 times its length, using a 3-strand braided design to prevent snapback.

The 20-foot long Banshee Bungee will stretch up to 140 feet and launch you across asphalt, snow, water or just about anything at speeds up to 35 mph. The Bungees can be doubled up side by side for even more speed or hooked end to end for a longer ride.   

The Banshee Bungee Facebook page is loaded with user generated videos. I guess the crew on the upcoming movie "The Art of Flight" actually used a couple Bungees to get some of the shots.  One of my favorite user videos has to be from the crazy Russians below. I also expect to read that these guys have received the Darwin Award real soon. 

The Banshees Bungees come in various lengths depending on use and retail for a whopping $150-$225 on the company website. 


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