Air Hole Face Masks Help You Shred The Gnar

Air Hole Snowboarding Face Masks

Canadian face mask company Air Hole was started by professional snowboarders Chris Brown and Kale Stephens. With a signature air hole and crazy designs, the face masks not only function better than standard bandanas or neck gaiters, but also help you look cool while riding. 

The Air Hole face masks feature a small, oval air hole that because of its positioning, expels moisture, retains heat, and eliminates goggle fogging. The opening allows for unrestricted breathing as well as access to your hydration bladder or water bottle. 

Using a weather resistant outer shell and a warm soft lining against your face, the Air Hole masks provide a barrier against the wind, sun and snow. The face masks are made from a variety of materials including cashmere, wool, fleece and even pleather. Each mask includes a hologram sticker so you can tell it is authentic. 

Styles range from pullovers and tie ups to full balaclavas and most are one size fits all. The designs range from plain colors to crazy characters such as Hulk Hogan or Bigfoot. My personal favorites are Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

The Air Hole face masks retail for around $20 and can be bought from a variety of dealers around the world and online. 

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