New Trend: Dual Snowboards

Dual Snowboard

One snowboard is fun so why not two? A few companies are popping up across the globe that have created two small boards for your feet, resulting in a fun device to play around with particularly in the snow park. With the recent dip in the number of kids taking up snowboarding, this could be just the thing to bring a little life back into the sport.

Based in Southern California, Dual Snowboards offers a set of mini boards, one for each leg, that can be used with standard bindings. The boards are not connected to each other, enabling you to move your legs independently. You can ride them sideways just like a snowboard when on the slopes, but more importantly, the Dual Snowboards open up new possibilities for turning, jumping, sliding, or riding in the snow park.

Dual uses a standard 4×4 bolt pattern so you can easily mount your favorite pair of snowboard bindings. The mini boards are 405mm long with a 269.5mm wide tail and 280mm wide tip. A full ABS thru-core and sidewall construction help to hold turns and reduce vibration.

Dual founder Scott Rickett is hoping that through grassroots efforts, dual boards could become the next extreme action sport of choice and future X-games or Olympic sport. The Dual Snowboards retail for $299 a pair and can be purchased from the company website.


For those of you in Europe, Spaniard Jose Barroso has decided to take the concept across the pond with his new company Twinboards. Similar in style to the Dual Snowboards, the mini boards are made from fiberglass with a poplar wood core and ABS sidewall construction. You can register your interest in buying a pair on the company website.

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