The Ultimate Accessory for Winter Riding

Mullet Hat

Who doesn’t appreciate a good mullet. Brian Davis, the inventor behind Fix It Sticks, sure does and noticed something intriguing about guys with mullets — they never get cold in winter. For the benefit of the rest of us not quite as blessed with awesome haircuts, Davis set out to create a solution with the Mullet Hat. Add on a highly breathable face mask, and you now have the ultimate winter riding accessory.

The Weatherneck System incorporates a uniquely designed Mullet Hat with a breathable face mask — the 2 parts magnetize together forming a modular balaclava. The system is constructed from highly technical, USA made (Milwaukee), fabrics with a unique mesh design that reduces fogging and keeps you warm, without bulk, by wicking moisture from your skin.

On super cold days, you can begin your ride wearing the full balaclava– it provides full coverage of your ears, face, and neck. Then, when you start to warm up, the face mask easily removes with one hand.

The Mullet Hat is size adjustable — three metal tabs stitched into the back of the hat allow for small, medium and large sizing options. A secret hidden pocket in the Mullet Hat is a great place to store a hand warmer, ID, credit card or anything else small.

You can pre-order the full Weatherneck System for $35 over on Kickstarter. Delivery is expected next month. It would make a great gift for any fat biker or winter bike commuter on your list!

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