Dead Simple Helmet Camera

Contour Roam helmet camera

The latest helmet camera release from Contour is dead simple to use. With a single sliding record switch, the Contour Roam lets you instantly film HD video in one step. Rugged, compact, and waterproof up to one meter, the Roam is the perfect entry level helmet camera to take on any adventure.

The Roam can record either full 1080p, 960p or 720p video at 30 frames per second. The helmet camera can also be set up to take 5 mega pixel still shots at set intervals of time. A built-in multi-directional microphone will capture all the audio on your adventure as well. 

The Contour Roam weighs only 5.1 oz. and mounts easily to your helmet or bike with the included profile and rotating flat surface mounts. The helmet camera also features a built-in tripod screw mount if you want to take more traditional video. 

The 170º super wide angle lens captures all of the background action, including what happens on the periphery. The camera automatically adjusts for exposure and white balance to deliver extremely crisp HD video. 

Contour Roam helmet camera

Much like the other Contour helmet cameras, the Roam lens rotates 270º so you can mount it on its side or even upside down. The laser beam helps you properly align the lens ring with the horizon to get a normal upright shot. 

The Contour Roam helmet camera takes microSD cards up to 32GB, which can record around 8 hours of footage in full 1080p mode. The integrated rechargeable lithium battery will last for around 3.5 hours of recording time at 720p and will fully recharge via USB in about 3-4 hours.

The Contour Roam is the most affordable of all the Contour helmet cameras at $199.95 and is available now. 

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