Say Goodbye To Road Rash

Road Rash Guard

A new invention promises to put an end to nasty and painful road rash. A surgeon and keen cyclist, Dr. Robert Weiss came up with the idea for Road Rash Guards after seeing motorcyclists avoid injury by wearing plastic boots to skid across the top of pavement. He set out to design plastic sliders that he could wear on his own body when cycling to avoid similar pavement injuries in the event of a crash.

When you fall off your bike, you almost always land on the side of your leg, your hip and your shoulder, the typical places where road rash occurs. Dr. Weiss's idea was that if you strategically place one of these Road Rash Guards in those injury prone areas, the device will protect you from road rash.

The Road Rash Guard is a small, two-inch piece of plastic that clips onto your cycling clothes. Numerous devices can be strategically placed across your body without impacting your riding performance. If you are unlucky enough to hit the road while out on your ride, the Road Rash Guards will slide across the pavement, creating a buffer between your skin and the road, significantly cutting down on road rash. 

The device is small and lightweight, but protects a large area, so you could put one on each hip, thigh, and shoulder for comprehensive coverage. You attach the Road Rash Guards by first separating the two halves of the device. Place the bottom half underneath your cycling shorts or jersey, then place the top half over your clothing and snap into place. 

The company is hoping that Road Rash Guards become a standard piece of your bike safety kit, much like your helmet. A set of 4 Road Rash Guards retails for $28.95 and can be purchased from the company website. 


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