Way Better Than A Ziploc Bag

Koki bike bag

We have all been there before- you get ready to head out on a ride, grab your cell phone, some money, and maybe your drivers license, then toss them all in a Ziploc bag to go in your back jersey pocket. Well now there are a number of more functional and nicer looking bike bag options to protect your essentials and make them accessible on your ride. 

The Mogi ($30) and larger Mozzie ($35) bike bags (pictured above) from Oregon company Koki let you continue to use your smartphone while out on a ride. A waterproof, clear-view sleeve is touchscreen friendly and the zippered pouch underneath is big enough to hold some snacks, keys, wallet, and the rest of your essentials. 

Timbuk2 Goody Box

The Goody Box ($35) from Timbuk2 securely attaches to your top tube via four velcro straps. A clear panel on the top holds your smartphone and enables touchscreen functionality. The bike bag's zippered pouch is made from ballistic nylon with a waterproof TPU liner to protect the rest of your essentials on the ride. 

Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet

Working together with the Mission Cycling Club, Timbuk2 designed the extremely cool and aptly named Mission Cycling Wallet ($29). Providing element protection for your smartphone, this simple package is small enough to fit in your back jersey pocket. A front clear panel lets you operate your cell phone, while the back panel features slots for your credit cards, ID, and money. 

Detours Coffee Bag

One of my favorites, even if not touchscreen friendly, is The Coffee Bag ($24) from Seattle company Detours. Featuring "blends" dedicated to 5 great riding States (MN, CA, CO, WA, and ME), the Coffee Bag is a versatile dry bag that can be used to carry just about anything on your bike. The dry bag uses a two-point attachment system for your top tube with the standard roll top closure. 

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