The EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL Will Safely Transport Your Fat Bike

Evoc Bike Travel Bag XL

German company EVOC makes arguably some of the most popular bike bags out there. So, upon seeing the growing trend in fat bikes and plus-size bikes, the brand jumped at the chance to create a new bike bag to match. Due out imminently, the Bike Travel Bag XL will safely transport your beefier bikes just about anywhere — whether it’s Alaska on your fat bike or Kazakhstan with an extra-large downhill bike.

The EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL accommodates bikes with a wheelbase of up to 125 cm (including the handlebars and fork protection block) or 130 cm (without handlebars and fork protection block), while offering plenty of stowage space for additional equipment.

The bike bag features separate side compartments for the wheels, with stabilizer rods over the tires and rims to distribute pressure from the exterior over the side areas so spokes or disc brakes don’t get bent. Several plastic plates prevent the axles of the wheels from protruding through the material.

Much like the other EVOC bike bags, the Bike Travel Bag XL uses the company’s Variable Frame Fixation Equipment (VAFFE) to properly secure a variety of different frame types. Your bike fork is mounted to a rigid foam block with padding, protecting the fork from damage and safely securing the handlebars (non contacting). The fork ends are additionally protected by a plastic plate in the bottom. Sensitive sections of the bike are perfectly protected and cushioned thanks to reinforcements at critical points.

The extra wide, impact-resistant chassis with smooth-running, exchangeable skate wheels prevents the bag from tilting, while lightweight aluminum rails provide even more stability without adding unnecessary weight. Perfect positioning of the centre of gravity ensures that you can pull and move the travel bag effortlessly, while a great variety of handles – above the wheels among others – enable easy lifting and loading.

When not in use, the bike bag packs down to a size of 143 x 42 x 28 cm for easy storing. It weighs just over 21 pounds, so depending on what bike you pack, probably won’t make it under certain airlines’ 50 pound free checked luggage limit.

The EVOC Bike Travel Bag XL retails for $480 and will start shipping from a variety of retailers soon.

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