EVOC Teams With Boa For More Secure Bikepacking Bags

Evoc Boa

There is nothing worse than the bags on your bike bouncing around as you ride over rough terrain. So for Spring 2020, German bike bag and protection company EVOC teamed up with BOA to create a line of bikepacking bags that secure tightly to the various part of your bike to cut down on any movement. Four durable, waterproof bags will start the collection, including a handlebar bag, saddle bag, top tube bag, and frame pack.

Handlebar Boa

The EVOC Handlebar Pack Boa comes in two sizes — medium 2.5-liter ($130) and large 5-liter ($150) — and connects to your handlebars via two bar clamps that are tightened using the Boa dial. The bag uses a roll-in closure on both ends for easy access to your gear and quick size adjustment depending on your volume of stuff.

Seat Pack Boa

The waterproof and dirt-resistant Seat Pack Boa uses the same clamp and Boa dial system to securely attach to any seat post, whether it’s a normal, aero, or dropper seat post. The saddle bag comes in three sizes — small 1-liter ($110), medium 2-liter ($130), and large 3-liter ($150) — and uses a rollable closure for easy volume adjustment.

Evoc’s Top Tube Pack ($40) includes a Power Bank that can charge your phone or bike computer as you ride. This small pack does not include the Boa fastening system but instead uses Velcro fasteners with rubberized protective strips to secure to your bike’s top tube.

EVOC Frame Pack

Finally, the Multi Frame Pack comes in two sizes — small 0.7-liter ($45) and medium 1-liter ($50) — to give you additional storage capacity in the triangle of your frame. It, too, uses Velcro fasteners that can easily be attached to different frame sizes and shapes, with rubberized protection strips to keep the fasteners from scratching your frame.

All the packs are available in two colors — grey or a yellow/beige — and will start shipping this fall.

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