Vaude Launches New Line of Ultralight Bikepacking Bags

For summer 2019, Vaude gets set to launch the new Aqua Light series — a line of panniers and bike bags designed specifically for ultralight bike travel and bikepacking. Extremely lightweight, the bags are still durable, waterproof, and environmentally friendly.

Many waterproof panniers on the market are both heavy and rigid, made of burly tarpaulin material. By contrast, the Aqua Light bags use a dry bag construction, made from a PVC-free, waterproof nylon fabric and minimalist roll-top design.

The Aqua Light series includes the Aqua Light Box handlebar bag, the Aqua Light Front Pannier and the Aqua Light Back Pannier. In contrast to many other handlebar bags that have cumbersome attachment mechanisms that just add to the weight, the Power Strap attachment of the Aqua Light Box handlebar bag is extremely lightweight, easy to attach and just as easy to take back off. The bag itself offers space for everything you need on the go without adding to the confusion with too many bells and whistles.

The Aqua Light Front and the Aqua Light Back panniers have been paired down to the basics offering weight reduction and user-friendliness. Both the Aqua Light Front and Aqua Light Back panniers feature an organizer on the inside of the hardback plate. If the bags are not completely full, they can be compressed quickly and easily with the outer drawstring, which can also be used to attach other objects such as a sleeping pad or wet laundry.

Reduced to the essentials, The Aqua Light Box, Aqua Light Front and Aqua Light Back panniers are just as suitable for extended bikepacking trips as for the daily commute. All three bags feature fast and easy access thanks to their user-friendly roll-top closure. Whether you use all three bags at once or just one at a time, the pack volume of each can be adjusted quickly and easily to meet your current needs.

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