Vaude Wants You to Rent, Not Buy, Their Gear

Arguably the eco-leader of the outdoor industry, Vaude launches yet another initiative to help cut down their environmental footprint. Taking Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This” campaign one step further, Vaude wants you to rent their gear instead.

In a program that will undoubtably appeal to Millenials and others who regularly participate in the shareconomy, Vaude’s iRentit lets you rent everything from tents and sleeping pads to backpacks and even bike bags for your upcoming adventures. Enjoy using the products, test them out, then simply send them back when you are done, saving space in your house and valuable resources in the process.

To rent Vaude gear, all you have to do is send in a non-binding reservation request online at least 14 working days before the start of your desired rental period (yes, you have to plan ahead). The minimum rental period is three days. Vaude will then confirm your items are available and send you an offer via email. Once you confirm the offer, the items are shipped to you in time for your trip. Once you return home, simply ship the items back to Vaude.

For those that can’t plan weeks in advance, you will also be able to reserve your gear only four days before you want to go on your trip directly from a Vaude store. Then the day before you leave, pick up your gear at the store and drop it off again once you return.

Vaude’s iRentit prices range from €19 euros per day for a tent to €3.50 euros per day for a pair of panniers. It makes for a cheap way to test out gear before you buy it, try out a new sport like bikepacking before you invest in all the gear, or head out on that once a year camping trip without having to drop a fortune of stuff that mainly sits in your garage.

Here in the US, Alite Designs already offers a similar program from their Ranger Station in San Francisco and gear rental websites have come and gone over the years. But perhaps now the timing is right and we may see more outdoor brands jumping in on the rental market, too.

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