Plastic-Free In-Bottle Water Filtration

Add this to one of the gear items I wish I had with me on a recent trip to Peru, Mizu just created a stainless steel bottle with an integrated filtration system to take on all your travels and adventures.

We all know that plastic pollution is a problem, yet avoiding bottled water when traveling is not always easy, even if we bring along a stainless steel bottle. Mizu now makes this easier with their integrated 360 water filters that give you clean and purified water literally anywhere.

Initially developed for the NASA, the Nano-Filter technology in the 360 filter kills and removes 99.99 percent of virus, bacteria, cysts, heavy metals and more. It will also make the water taste better, too.

The filter works by a combination of mechanical entrapment and electro kinetic absorption, incorporating naturally occurring and refined minerals where each gram of fiber has a surface area exceeding 500 square meters. That means the contaminants are either trapped in micro pores or attracted by the charge of the filter.

The best part of this system is that it can easily be integrated into your daily routine, without having to bring a separate water filter with you. The lightweight, unobtrusive and flexible filters come as Everyday (12 pleats of Nano-Filter Technology) or Adventure (24 pleats of Nano-Filter Technology offering a second layer of filtration) varieties. Both screw in to the bottom of the lid of all Mizu Wide Mouth bottles.

Whether you are cruising around the city at home or traveling, Mizu recommends the Everyday filter for tap water filtration. For hiking and backpacking or dubious water sources abroad, the Adventure Filter is the better choice.

Both filters have an extremely high flow rate, will slowly stop working when they need to be replaced, and have a lifespan of about four months – when drinking 2 liters of water per day. Each Mizu 360 lid comes with an adaptor for the filters and and 2 silicone straws, which can be used whenever you have clean water and want to save the filter.

The Mizu filter bottles will be available in both vacuum insulated and single wall versions and start shipping next month.

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