Full Visibility For A Safer Bike Commute

Light And Motion Urban 500 bike light

Light & Motion strongly believes that 360 degrees of visibility will make you safer on your bike commute. Emulating the success of the Vis 180 and Vis 360, the company now adds a new Urban family of bar mount bike lights to their commuter line, all offering the same level of complete visibility.

The new Urban family of bike lights includes three different lumen levels: 500, 300, and 180. With a powerful and graduated beam of white light, the bike light utilizes a single button to switch between high, medium, low, and flashing modes. Weighing just 112 grams, the Urban is more than 75% lighter than any equivalent bike light on the market. 

Similar to the Vis 360 and Vis 180, the Urban bike lights feature flashing amber lights on the side, ensuring you are visible to drivers as they pull up next to you or turn at intersections. Throw the Vis 180 on the back of your bike or messenger bag and your are now visible from all directions. 

Designed and built in Monterey, California, Light & Motion only makes rechargeable lighting systems. A Li-ion battery is carefully packaged inside the bike light and is rechargeable via mini-USB. A highly accurate battery indicator reports when it's time to recharge. 

All Light & Motion lights are regulated, meaning the lumen output does not drop over time as the battery wears down. The battery will last for 1.5 hours on high, 3 hours on medium, and 6 hours on low for up to 500 charge cycles.  

With a retail price of $99 (Urban 180) to $159 (Urban 500), the Light & Motion Urban bike lights may not be the cheapest on the market, but you will not only be saving money on disposable batteries over time, but be getting the brightest and lightest bike light to help keep you safe on your bike commute. 

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