A Douchebag For Your Bike

Douchebags Tour

Norwegian company Douchebags (or DB Equipment) made quite a name for themselves with their beautifully designed ski bags — helped in part by the share-worthy name. Recently, the company partnered with Team Sky to take on the bike travel bag category next. The result — a mountain bike bag called The Trail and a road bike bag called The Tour that make traveling with your bike a much smoother process.

Compressible and lightweight (18.5 pounds), The Tour measures 3.6 in x 9.8 in x 51.5 in. The soft-sided bike bag uses a three panel design, each with a ribcage construction that unfolds as you zip it up. Not only does the design enable you to keep your seat in place, but two foam padded pods stick out the sides making room for your handlebars. The only thing you have to do is remove your wheels, secure your bike, and go.

Foam boards and honeycomb inside the bag protect your bike, with Velcro attachments to hold your frame in place. Aluminum rails at the base secure the front fork and then double as a bike stand when you get to your destination.

Foam crank supports protect the drivetrain and the two wheel pockets provide disc protection in case you want to throw your gravel or cross bike in there (or even road bike if you are a disc road fan). You also get a mesh pocket for tools, pedals, and other small items.

The bags can even hook together to create a train in case you are traveling with bikes for the family or team. The best part? When the bag is empty it folds down into almost nothing for easy storage.

The Trail mountain bike bag is similar but you do have to slide out your handlebars on this one — they secure inside on the back of the case.

The Douchebags bike bags don’t come cheap — $999 for The Tour and The Trail for $699. But your bike is worth it, right?

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