New GoPro HD Hero2 Is Cool But WiFi Accessories Cooler

GoPro HD Hero2 helmet camera

Arguably one of the most popular point of view camera companies in the world, GoPro has just released the new HD Hero2, a more advanced version of the original HD Hero helmet camera. Though packed with some great new features, the HD Hero2 is still a ways off from the ease of use level as some other point of view cameras like Contour.

The new HD Hero2 helmet camera is capable of capturing full 170º wide angle 1080p video. With an image processor that is twice as fast and a glass lens twice as sharp as the original, the HD Hero2 will undoubtedly capture better photos and videos.

Instead of shooting video, you can program he helmet camera to take an 11 megapixel photo every 0.5 seconds. A cool new feature will enable you to take a burst of 10 photos over a one second period to capture the stop motion progression of the action.

The HD Hero2 will also work better than the original in low light conditions. The point of view camera is waterproof down to 60 m so could be used for snorkeling or even shallow water diving. An integrated battery warmer helps extend the life of your battery in colder conditions.

GoPro WiFi BacPac and WiFi Remote

In my opinion, the real improvements will come with the release of the Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote accessories this winter. The Wi-Fi BacPac pairs with your HD Hero2 and enables you to control the helmet camera via the Wi-Fi Remote or your cell phone running the GoPro App.

Similar to the Contour app, you will now actually be able to playback video, as well as preview the point of view you are about to film before filling an entire 32G SD card with video of the sky or your feet. You will also be able to live stream photos and videos to the web.

The Wi-Fi Remote will feature a LCD screen, similar to the one on the point of view camera, so you can actually see if you are in video or photo mode, when the camera is recording, battery level, and memory without having to remove your helmet.

The HD Hero2 retails for $299 and comes in three different package editions (outdoor, motorsports, surf) with corresponding mounts. Sorry- no cheaper Naked version available at the moment.

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