The Desk Designed For Cyclists

Kickstand cycling desk

First there was the treadmill desk, now there is a desk built specifically for cyclists. The traditional desk and chair combination is giving way to modern alternatives that enable you to not only get some exercise while you work, but do what you love while you do what you need to pay the bills.  

The Kickstand cycling desk enables you to be productive at work while spinning for hours rather than just sitting idle and bored in your cubicle. The company provides the purpose built desk and you provide the bike and trainer. 

The cycling desk frame is made from hand welded 2-inch square steel tubes. The footers (either hardwood or carpet compatible) can raise the desk from 45 in (115 cm) tall to 51 in (130 cm) tall to fit your riding height. You can order the steel frame in many different finishes including raw, chrome, or even powder coat. 

The desktop workspace is 60 in (150 cm) x 30 in (75 cm), built on a set of sliders so that it can extend a further 10 in to help you easily mount and dismount your bike or better shift gears. The desktop workspace comes in either recycled maple or tempered glass.

Just like the treadmill desk, it will take you a few days to get the hang of typing and talking on the phone while riding. They key will be a comfortable saddle that you can sit in all day. If you get tired of riding, you can remove your bike and use the cycling desk as a stand up desk instead.

With a $2500 price tag, I can't help but think it might be easier to buy an adjustable height IKEA desk or even make your own cycling desk. However, I am sure there are plenty of cubicle bound cycling junkies out there who would think nothing of the price to sit in their saddle all day.  


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