Wahoo Fitness Cycling Desk

Wahoo cycling desk

Add this to the major want list, the new desk from Wahoo Fitness helps make your indoor trainer time a little more productive. Whether you want to try out for a pro team on Zwift or simply read your email as you ride, the cycling desk makes it much more feasible and comfortable.

The Wahoo Fitness desk is truly multi-functional–you can use it as an indoor cycling desk with your KICKR trainer or when not riding, as a standing desk in your office. It’s fully adjustable to allow you to easily optimize for and switch between the following positions: standing, sitting upright, riding with hands on hoods, riding in the drops, and riding aero bars. With the push of a button, you can lower or raise the desk to pretty much any position.

The desk features built-in tablet and smartphone stands with cable holes to connect all your computers and keep things tidy. A sturdy steel frame ensures the desk won’t fall over and a slip-resistant desk surface keeps all your gadgets in place–no matter how much you sweat. With wheels on the base, you can easily move the desk around from room to room.

“As a cyclist who sometimes struggles to find the time to get out for a ride and as a religious KICKR user, the Wahoo cycling desk was a natural solution,” said Wahoo Fitness CEO Chip Hawkins. “Whether it’s the ability to answer a few emails while I get in an easy spin at the office or a place to stash all of the necessities for an hours-long sufferfest in the basement, the cycling desk really elevates the entire indoor cycling experience.”

The Wahoo Fitness cycling desk retails for $229.99 and is available now–it’s compatible with all indoor cycling trainers and most tablets and smartphones (compatibility depends on device and any aftermarket cases in use).

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