New Mounts For Your Favorite Helmet Camera

GoPro Dive Mount

You splurged on that helmet camera to capture all your crazy adventures but now want to take it to even more places. Both Contour and GoPro have come out with all new mounts for those non-helmet based outdoor activities, such as hiking, surfing, and even diving, so that DIY mount work is no longer required.

GoPro Dive Housing

The new GoPro Dive Housing ($49.99) features a flat glass lens that allows for maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions, free of vignetting. Waterproof to 60m, the dive housing is perfect for diving, snorkeling, shark swimming, or any underwater filming scenario.

Contour Waterproof Case and Surfboard Mount

The Waterproof Case ($39.99), for either the ContourROAM, ContourGPS, or Countour+, locks out moisture while still allowing fully featured operation (including single-slide record and laser alignment). Two safety latches keep the case shut tight and waterproof up to 60m. A corresponding Surfboard Mount ($39.99) is perfect for capturing all your water sports adventures such as surfing, standup paddle boarding, or even water skiing.

Contour Bike Mounts

The Contour Bike Mount collection ($79.99) includes two helmet mounts for either a vented or full-face helmet, bar mount for your handlebars, and a flex strap mount to attach your camera to a seat post, chain stay, or any round or irregular bar.

Contour Pole Mount

Probably one of the coolest new Contour accessories is the Pole Mount ($39.99) for face shots and full point of view potential when you are hiking or skiing. The Pole Mount allows you to attach your Contour camera to any standard hiking pole or ski pole that’s 11mm to 18mm in diameter, secured via two Phillips head screws.

Contour Outdoor Mounts

A variety of Outdoor Mounts ($59.99) let you wear your camera strapped to your head, attached to your hat, or affixed to a pole for shots of your climbing, running, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor pursuit.

All the new GoPro and Contour mounts are available now, sold both individually as well as in activity based packages.

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