Remo – The Voice Activated GoPro Remote

Remo Voice Remote

Last week, GoPro released some new accessories and features just in time for the holiday season. A new wireless remote extends the voice control range of the Hero5 action cameras and you can now add telemetry gauges to all your epic pow shots this winter.

Talking to your GoPro just got easier with Remo – a waterproof, voice-activated remote that extends the voice control range of HERO5 cameras. Remo understands 10 languages and can hear you in windy and noisy environments, so your HERO5 is ready for action whenever – and wherever – you are.

Easy-to-remember commands let you start-and-stop recording, snap photos, switch between capture modes and more from up to 33ft (10m) away. If you’re feeling less chatty, Remo can also be used as a one-button remote.

GoPro Telemetry

On the Quik for Desktop app, you can now add telemetry gauges to your content. The telemetry feature adds an immersive layer to your story by providing stats about the action as it unfolds on-screen, from how fast you were speeding down the line on your last mountain run or big wave, to how high you climbed or how many g’s you pulled in your best track turn.

GoPro telemetry taps into the GPS capabilities of the Hero5 Black by capturing data about your GPS path, speed, altitude, g-force, elevation gain and more. The results are overlaid as graphics on your videos, making your content more meaningful and providing benchmarks and milestones for your experiences.  The overlays are also customizable, allowing you to resize and move the gauges and turn on or off each data graphic.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the telemetry data you’ll see in Quik for Desktop with your GPS-activated HERO5 videos:

Info Cluster: see an overview of real-time stats as you watch your video

  • Distance (km or miles)
  • Altitude
  • Elevation Gain
  • Date & time


  • Speedometer tells you how fast you were going and includes a compass for orientation
  • Speed graph displays your speed over time and charts your fastest moments and spikes in activity. Speed graphs also serve as a great tool in the editing and scrubbing process, allowing you to easily identify highlight moments from your footage.

GPS Path: see the route you took and pinpoint your position as you move along the path

G-Force: check out how much g-force you’re pulling against as you accelerate or change direction

Now if we could just get GoPro to release the handheld gimbal from the failed drone as a separate accessory…

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