Paddle Longer and Farther with Angle Oar

Angle Oar

Ever wanted to go on a long distance kayaking trip but worried about your paddling fitness? Or do you enjoy fishing from a kayak and get annoyed with securing the paddle as you cast? Then Angle Oar is for you. Using mounts to secure and support the weight of the kayak paddle, Angle Oar enables you to glide through the water with minimal effort, helping you to go farther without getting sore or fatigued.

Angle Oar is not intended to replicate or improve the standard method of paddling — it was created to offer an alternative for people who might not otherwise ever be able to kayak and for paddlers who want to kayak for longer periods of time without expending as much energy or effort. The Angle Oar system features an adjustable paddle that rests upon a central mounting post. This eliminates the weight of the paddle as well as the torso rotation, shoulder and upper body movement required to propel the kayak — all of which normally come into play when using a standard paddle. Instead, you use a simple rotary movement of the forearms – sort of like pedaling a bicycle with your hands – to propel the kayak.

When placed on the mounting post, the two shafts of the Angle Oar can be angled downward to roughly 25 degrees, which simulates a sweep stroke, or straightened to 180 degrees, resembling a forward stroke. The paddle can also be quickly removed from the mount and used as a standard straight paddle.

All three modes provide a distinct advantage for different scenarios (e.g., straight for entering the water, angled for windy or open-water conditions). So for recreational kayakers, the Angle Oar provides a similar experience to traditional paddling, with the notable exception that you’ll be able to paddle a longer amount of time and distance while expending much less energy than you would with a traditional straight paddle.

And for kayak anglers, all you have to do is let go of the paddle while you are fishing. You can also hold your rod with one hand and paddle with the other, making it easy to maneuver your kayak to a nearby spot. Snd don’t forget to take advantage of the tray accessory to hold lures, cold beverages, and more.

Whether you own or rent, the mounts attach to most kayaks. There are currently two styles to choose from — one for sit-in kayaks and one for sit-on-tops. Installation takes 10-20 minutes and requires a drill, wrench,  screw driver, and pencil. Once the mount is installed, kayaks can be used with or without the Angle Oar system.

The Angle Oar system retails for $315 and is available now from the company website.

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