A Packable Hard Shell Kayak


Ever wanted a kayak that you, and you alone, can throw in the trunk of your car and drive to your favorite paddling destination, even if there’s no boat ramp. Well, you don’t need two people to carry the 6-piece, packable, hard shell Pakayak. That means no more roof racks, no more dragging it across the beach or rocks to your water hole, and no need for a garage or storage unit.

The Pakayak Bluefin 14 weighs 55 pounds, has two watertight bulkheads, two large watertight hatches, plenty of deck rigging and a perimeter reflective safety cord. The cockpit measures 18” x 34”, so comes in at a standard large size. The kayak breaks down into 6 separate pieces that all nest inside each other to create a 3.5-foot package, down from 14 feet when fully assembled.

To ensure the strength and watertightness of the Pakayak, the company uses the same basic technology from underwater dive cameras and dive lights. The design not only provides the seal but also increases the strength at the connection points creating bulkheads that are stronger than the hull itself. Finally, a four-point clamping system ensures the interlocking sections remain watertight.

According to the company, the Pakayak can be put together in under 5 minutes–just clip, clip, clip and you’re done. No tools required and there are no loose parts to worry about.

Expected retail is $1695 but the company is still in the prototyping phase and calculating all of their costs. They will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in mid June to take pre-orders.

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