Contour Adds Bluetooth To Turn Phone Into Live Screen

Contour GPS Bluetooth

Contour is adding Bluetooth to their ContourGPS HD helmet camera model so that together with a mobile app, your phone becomes a live viewfinder. You can now see in real time what your camera sees while adjusting the camera settings at the same time. 

ContourGPS was the first helmet camera to add path, speed and elevation information to your videos. Now by adding Bluetooth, Contour opens itself to the possibility of connecting with audio, remote control and other mobile accessories in addition to your phone applications. 

To activate the live viewfinder, first press the Bluetooth button on the top of the ContourGPS. Enable Bluetooth on your phone, then open the Countour Application to see what your camera sees.

Via the phone application, you can fine tune your camera angle or adjust your settings on the fly in order get the shot you want. The helmet camera settings let you choose between 3 resolutions, 2 frame rates, or a still photo mode.

The new ContourGPS with Bluetooth retails for $349.99 with mobile apps being developed for both Android and the iPhone. 


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