Track Your Dog, Bike, Buddy With Garmin GTU 10

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In preparation for CES this week, Garmin announced the launch of their new GTU 10 GPS locator. Combined with a web based tracking service, the GPS tracking unit lets you follow your dog, bike, skis or even your buddies. 

The GTU 10 is small, lightweight, waterproof and easily attached to a dog collar, backpack, bike or whatever you deem worthy. The GPS locator comes with a 1 year Standard Tracking service which communicates with the device via the AT&T GSM wireless network. This means your dog or gear needs to be within wireless coverage in order to update it's GPS coordinates to the tracking service. 

The tracking service enables you to create 10 geofences for your device where you can be notified either by email or text when the GPS locator enters or exits these areas. Daily, you can view the last 10 points of your GTU 10, or for a premium, the last 7 days worth of tracking history. 

To go along with the web-based tracking service, Garmin created the Tracker app to download on your phone so you can compare your current location to that of the GTU 10. Very helpful when trying to find a dog or bike that is on the move!

I can see the GTU 10 being used similar to a SPOT device where as you head out for a ride, climb or hike (in an area with AT&T coverage of course), someone you know back home can keep and eye on you to ensure you make it back safely. 

The Garmin GTU 10 retails for $199.99 and is available for pre-order.

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