Thinsulate Insulation Now For Your Feet

Thinsulate Insoles

Your insulated outerwear uses Thinsulate to keep your body warm so why not your feet? 3M has now released Thinsulate thermal insoles that add the equivalent of 600-800 grams of warmth to your cold weather footwear. 

Using a patented component bonding process, the Thinsulate thermal insoles are made up of four layers. The top layer is comprised of an abrasion resistant fabric with antimicrobial technology to improve durability and reduce odor. The second layer is a foot conforming foam for added comfort.

The third layer is made up of Thinsulate insulation which provides the 600-800 grams of extra warmth to your feet. Finally the foam bottom layer absorbs shock, wicks moisture to help keep your feet dry and adds additional antimicrobial technology to help cut down on odor causing bacteria.

The Thinsulate thermal insoles retail for $19.99 and can currently be purchased from Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods. 

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