The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Dog

RuffWear Omnijoring System

The product Lola was probably most excited about from the outdoor shows this summer was the new Joring System from Ruff Wear. Meant to take advantage of your dog's natural desire to pull, the Joring System will facilitate some fun bonding time in the outdoors, while giving your dog a great workout.

Whenever Lola and I run together, she regularly likes to grab the leash in her mouth and start pulling me along. I figure why not safely hook her up to a bike, mountain scooter, skateboard, or even throw on a pair of roller blades (yes I still own some) and let her pull me down the miles of trails across Marin. 

PRuff Wear Joring System

The Ruff Wear Joring System includes a harness for your dog, hipbelt for you, and a towline to connect the two. The dog harness comes in three sizes and is adjustable in 5 places for a full custom fit. Padding around the front of the chest keeps your dog comfortable when pulling.  

Much like a climbing harness, leg loops work to keep your hipbelt in place. The tow bridle slides 180 degrees so you can keep moving forward even if your dog decides to run from side to side.

The towline itself features shock absorbing bungee areas so neither you nor your dog gets yanked at full force. An emergency release enables you to drop the towline in case your dog decides to chase a squirrel off into the trees. 

The Ruff Wear Joring System retails for $149.95 and should start shipping in October. Lola and I can't wait to test this one out. 

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