Moji Revolutionary Line Of Cold Compression Products

Moji Cold Compression products

Chicago based start-up Moji, has introduced a revolutionary new line of cold compression products. Competitive athlete Victor Viner founded Moji in 2007 with the single goal of helping active people stay active. In his late 40s, Victor found that he got injured more frequently and always had minor aches and pains. After trying virtually every cold compression product on the market and not getting results, he set out to find a better way. 

Moji boasts an innovative line of body-part specific cold compression products that allow for complete mobility and targeted cooling to make the critical step of post-injury and post-activity icing easy and efficient. The Moji line of cold compression products features a patented two piece design, which incorporates the Moji Cold Cell and the Moji Compression Wrap.   

Moji cold compression products 

The Moji Cold Cell is made up of numerous individual cold cells that conform to your body for maximum flexibility and coverage. The individual cells are filled with a proprietary gel that is engineered to remain soft and pliable right out of the freezer and maintain the optimum cooling temperature for a 20-minute icing session. Covered in a highly absorbent Dri-Lex fabric, the Moji Cold Cell eliminates the wetness associated with other icing solutions. 

The Moji Compression Wrap is made of Polartec Power Dry 9110, a four way stretch material selected to provide a high level of compression while maintaining a high degree of breathability and comfort. The cold compression wrap includes neoprene stretch tabs to allow you to customize the fit to your body. You definitely won't find the same comfort or icing experience with a bag of frozen peas!

Moji also hopes to become the leading consumer resource on injury prevention, warm-up and recovery. To help you stay active, Moji has created the online Moji Interactive Library. The site consists of articles on everything from nutrition for pain relief to how to stay motivated. There are videos on warm up and cool down routines as well as an ask the expert section featuring answers from doctors, trainers, athletes, nutritionists and physical therapists. 

Moji sent me the first two products in their line to try out: the Moji Knee and the Moji Back. I will test them over the next couple of weeks and get back to you on my thoughts. Early next year, the Company will be offering more body-part specific cold compression products such as Moji Ankle and Moji Universal Leg. 

You can buy the line of Moji cold compression products from the Company website. 

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