LeftLane Sports For Discount Sporting Goods

LeftLane Sports discount sporting goods

California company LeftLane Sports is the latest private member site where you can find great deals on discount sporting goods. Featuring premium gear such as
Patagonia Footwear
, Wenger Knives
and Reebok Apparel, you will find sale events of up to 70% off once you sign up to enter the site. LeftLane Sports promises to provide members with not only great discount sporting goods but also information you require to compete and grow as an athlete. 

LeftLane Sports was founded in June 2009 by four friends, athletes, and sporting goods industry veterans-Helio Fialho, Henry Lane, Maggie Bartels and Erik Fialho. Helio was COO of Copeland Sports for 12 years before pioneering sports e-commerce as CEO of ShopSports.com in 1996. 

Membership to the site is free. Simply fill out your name and email address, then you will be ready to access the latest sale event on premium gear. Much like other private member sites, the limited quantities of discount sporting goods will be available for set periods of time, or until the products run out. 

More than just a place to find great discount sporting goods, LeftLane Sports has created the Sportanza blog community, where members can communicate and share their thoughts and ideas on a variety of sports topics ranging from training and development to nutrition, health and athletic passion. Members also have access to the Athletic Vault, a wealth of information that will help you find the Path To Your Potential. Centered around the themes of Focus, Endurance, and Passion, various articles, videos, inspirational quotes and facts will help you transform your undeveloped abilities into athletic achievements. 

The Patagonia Release Trail Shoe is currently selling for $55 on the site so go check it out!

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