Moji Knee And Moji Back Cold Compression Review

Moji Cold Compression

In a previous post about Moji's new line of cold compression products, I mentioned that Moji sent me their Moji Knee and Moji Back products to test out. I have been playing with both products for the past few weeks now, so here is my review. 

As background, the Moji line of cold compression products employs a two piece design, including the Moji Cold Cell and the Moji Compression Wrap. The Moji Cold Cell is filled with a proprietary gel that is engineered to remain soft and pliable right out of the freezer. The Cold Cell comes with it's own zipper storage pouch for easy in and out of the freezer. 

When you are ready to begin icing, simply attach the Cold Cell to the velcro straps on the Compression Wrap and place around your knee or back. The Cold Cell will maintain an even cooling temperature throughout your entire 20-minute icing session, unlike other icing devices which quickly absorb your own body heat. 

My lower back becomes very sore after I go for a run so I started throwing on the Moji Back as soon as I returned. I noticed after using the Moji Back regularly, I didn't feel beat up and sore a couple of hours after my run as usual. I also used my Moji Back on a groin pull I sustained after running on the beach one cold morning. It worked just as well wrapped around my leg as it did around my back. 

I sent the Moji Knee over to my friend Marion to try since she is an ER Doctor and recently had surgery on her knee to repair a torn ACL. Marion said the Cold Cell seems to stay cold longer than her other knee wrap. She loves the style, thinks it is functional and very comfortable to wear. "Definitely beats my drug store version!"

The convenient, well designed two part system and the long lasting cold temperature are the two best things about Moji.  I would say one thing on sizing, however. If you fall in the mid to top end of a certain size range, I would get the next size up. Using the measurements from their sizing table, I should have been a small, but could definitely have used a medium. Also, the Cold Cell gets pretty darn cold and stays that way so you might want to have a thin base layer between your skin and the Moji. 

Be sure to check out the Moji Interactive Library for such things as tips on injury prevention and instructional videos from experts on warm up and cool down exercises for skiing. If you want to order a Moji Back or Moji Knee, simply head to the Moji website. The company is currently offering free shipping for the Holidays!

I will be giving away a new Moji Back to a lucky winner, worth $129 retail! Simply leave a comment below and I will pick someone randomly to receive and extra Christmas present from Santa! 

Moji Back cold compression

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