VF Corp In Hot Water Over Health Care Reform

VF Corp Healthcare Reform

VF Corp has been taking a brand beating lately. First the EPA was out to get the Company and now an activist group called Health Care for America Now. The group handed out the leaflets above at stores and malls across numerous States on Friday to try and inform the public about the link between VF Corp and Obama's health care reform. 

VF Corp's CEO Eric Wiseman sits on the board of Cigna, one of the largest health insurance companies in the nation. During Mr. Wiseman's participation on the board of Cigna, the insurance company has spent $3 million on lobbying and advertising against the current health care reform bill. Cigna pays Mr. Wiseman $430,000 annually as a board member in addition to his $6.2 million VF Corp salary. The argument is that Mr. Wiseman is personally profiting from denying Americans health care and therefore consumers should boycott VF Corp products. 

No official response from VF Corp yet but I am sure their PR department is working overtime.

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