Chariot Skates Let You Become Super Cesar Millan

Chariot Skates

My favorite part of any Dog Whisperer show is when Cesar Millan takes the dogs out for a run on his cool looking roller blades. Now you have the opportunity to become a super Cesar Millan with the wheel skates from Chariot Skates. The Chariot Skates will help you roll your way to a super calm, submissive and balanced dog, and have fun in the process.

The wheel skates revolutionary design features a pair of large wheels that suspend your feet below the axles, enabling a smoother, more fluid skating experience. The large wheel, together with a pneumatic tire, allow you to gain and maintain momentum with less effort and offer greater stability and maneuverability. The wheel skates enable you to skate over rougher terrain or even ski down a grassy slope. 

The wheel skates were invented by Australian Michael Jenkins. He has spent that last three years working in China with carbon composite sporting goods manufacturers on the design and development of the wheel skates. Michael came up with the idea when he realized that using a large wheel could incorporate the dynamic benefits of three of his favorite sports: cycling, skiing and skating. 

With your foot suspended below the main wheel's axle, you have a lower center of gravity, improving stability. The large wheel comes in contact with the ground under the ball of your foot, which we instinctively use for support and as a pivot point when turning. A mechanically hinged leg and foot support give you full extension flex of the foot when skating, something you can't do in boots. 

Chariot Skates are hoping to be able to commercially launch the first wheel skates by ISPO in February. No word yet on how much they will cost. I absolutely can't wait to get a pair to take my dog Lola out for a roll! 

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