PICTURE Organic Technical Clothing

PICTURE organic technical clothing

New French company PICTURE was founded by three friends who wanted to develop a line of organic, ethical and technical clothing that would reflect their values of riding hard and protecting the planet. The PICTURE line includes men's and women's T-shirts, shirts and hoodies, technical jackets and pants, and accessories such as snow beanies. 

PICTURE's technical clothing is designed with a bio ceramic membrane. This innovative ceramic membrane converts solar rays into something called Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The bio ceramic fabric is woven with a special fiber, made from many different kinds of ceramics mixed with mineral oxides. This special fiber emits FIR and reflects your body's own infrared rays, delivering a gentle, radiant heat on your skin. Bio ceramic materials are being used more and more in healthcare and therapeutic situations to improve balance (see video below), remove toxins, and speed up healing.

The technical clothing comes with other cool features in addition to the bio ceramic membrane. Both the jacket and pant shells are made from recycled polyester and printed with water based inks. The jackets have a laminated anti-snow pocket for your iPod or phone, a special pocket for your ski pass, and special hand warmer pockets. The pants include a hook that lets you fasten your jacket to your pants, ensuring no snow gets down during a wipeout.

The Company will donate 1% of the sale on their PICTURE organic T-shirts to a cause of your choosing corresponding to the color of the T-shirt: Greenpeace, WWF, Mountain Riders, the Surf Rider Foundation or the Atlantic Rainforest Institution. 

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