Clarity Defog It Anti Fog Lens Cleaner

Clarity Defog It Anti Fog Lens Cleaner

Surface care products company Nanofilm has developed Clarity Defog It, an anti fog lens cleaner that will keep your sunglasses, goggles or face shield from fogging this winter. Just a few drops of the anti fog lens cleaner will remove everyday dirt and smudges and leave behind an invisible protective barrier that lasts for hours. 

For most of us, the eyewear that's meant to improve vision can actually hinder sight because of fog problems. When we work up a sweat on the mountain or even just walk inside out of the cold, our goggles or sunglasses can really fog up. 

Used by the military around the world, Clarity Defog It anti fog lens cleaner is a safe and effective way to keep all types of optics fog free for the day with just one application. The Defog It solution comes in half-ounce bottles or infused into reusable dry towelettes.

I think I will order some of these for Santa stocking stuffers this Christmas since one of my biggest pet peeves in constant fogging sunglasses. I haven't found a good solution yet. The big test will be to see if Defog It can keep my sunglasses from fogging while wearing a Buff, scarf or face mask. 


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