GoLite’s Tier 1 Recycled Nylon And Polyester Fabric

GoLite Tier 1 Recycled Nylon backpack

New for Spring 2010, GoLite is replacing virgin nylon with Tier 1 recycled nylon in 100% of their main backpack and luggage fabrics. While taking part in the Backpacker 2009 Zero Impact Challenge, GoLite created Tier 1 recycling, the most sustainable procedure for creating technical materials (notably nylon and polyester) from recyclable components. GoLite now aspires to apply Tier 1 across their entire product line.

The Tier 1 recycling program takes used materials and breaks them down through a process called depolymerization. The resulting by-products are then used as molecular building blocks for new, recycled fabrics and insulation. Creating a closed loop cycle, Tier 1 nylon and polyester can be infinitely recycled due to the high quality of the resulting fibers. This means that the backpack you buy today can be completely reused to make the backpack you will buy in the future. 

Results have shown that Tier 1 recycled nylon performs on par with the virgin petroleum produced alternatives. Manufacturing a backpack using Tier 1 recycled nylon uses up 70% less energy and CO2 production compared to making a traditional nylon pack.  The eco footprint reduction rises to over 80% with Tier 1 recycled polyester used in GoLite's sleeping bag line. 

Committed to taking responsibility for the products they make, GoLite will launch a Product Education and End-of-Life program in January 2010. The program will help you to find the best option for extending the life of your used GoLite products, including options for reusing, repurposing and recycling. 

The GoLite Product Take-Back Program will accept any of your unwanted GoLite products. As an incentive and thanks for doing the right thing, you will receive a future product discount in return. GoLite is committed to repairing, donating, repurposing or recycling everything they get back through this program. 

GoLite recently sent me a
Jam backpack
Badlands Trinity jacket
to test out. I will be using them over the next couple of weeks and let you know what I think. Perfect timing as rainy season has started here in Northern California. 

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