Polarmax TransDry Technology Creates First Ever Wicking Cotton

Polarmax TransDry wicking cotton

Polarmax has teamed up with Cotton Incorporated to introduce the world's first line of technical cotton T-shirts and base layers with the patented TransDry moisture management technology. Incorporating the first, truly technical, wicking cotton fabric, Polarmax's PMX line with TransDry actively moves moisture to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate faster. 

TransDry moisture management technology from Cotton Incorporated is a patented, high-performance application that enables 100% cotton fabrics to transfer moisture away from the skin and across the surface of the fabric for faster evaporation.  Wicking cotton fabrics treated with TransDry will also reduce the level of fabric cling against your skin during exercise, meaning less irritation and discomfort. 

The TransDry technology works by reducing cotton's absorbent capacity. Cotton fabrics traditionally absorb moisture rapidly and retain as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. This is why you are always told never to wear cotton while mountain climbing, ice climbing or participating in any cold weather sport.

Although synthetic fabrics do not absorb as much moisture as cotton, they still retain some moisture next to the skin. Some wicking finishes on synthetic fabrics may also diminish with product washing, decreasing the fabric performance with each use.  Cotton fabrics can now be engineered using TransDry to exhibit a 2000% improvement in one-way moisture transfer over leading synthetic brands. 

The absorbency of cotton can now be significantly reduced through the application of TransDry technology, resulting in a 50% faster drying performance compared to non-treated cotton. Limitless fabric combinations of untreated cotton and TransDry treated wicking cotton can be constructed to add a versatile level of drying performance to any garment. 

The Polarmax PMX line will be available for Fall 2010.

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