Polarmax TransDRY Review Take Two

Polarmax TransDRY All Year Gear

For March 2011, Polarmax has evolved their PMX TransDRY line after some complaints that the original wicking cotton fabric was too thick. The new All Year Gear line of performance underwear features a lighter TransDRY cotton material that lends itself to better wicking properties and enhanced breathability.

At Outdoor Retailer, I was given a couple pieces from this new Polarmax All Year Gear collection. Made from the new lightweight TransDRY cotton fabric, which weighs in at only 4.5 oz/sq yd, the scoop neck shirt promised to offer all the breathability and comfort of summer weight cotton with added wicking and quick drying capabilities. 

If you recall from my original TransDRY review experiment, the wicking cotton shirt took much longer to dry than a regular cotton shirt or wool base layer. This time around, I repeated the same experiment, comparing the new TransDRY shirt with a regular cotton shirt as well as a polyester and wool base layer.

The new TransDRY wicking cotton shirt fared much better, completely drying only about 15 minutes later than the wool base layer and even ahead of the polyester base layer. When wearing the shirt for hiking, I could tell that the lighter cotton fabric had much better breathability and it didn't feel heavy against my skin. 

Bottom Line: I will still stick with wool during winter/cold weather adventures for the added warmth but I would wear the new Polarmax TransDRY pieces during Spring through Fall activities. The wicking cotton feels better than polyester against my skin and I find even lightweight wool way too heavy for warm weather activities. 


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